New Editorial Content for Gem City Guide Vancouver 2018/2019 Issue

In it’s first move to improve an already excellent reader experience with it’s Gem City Guide Vancouver publication, Urbanity Publishing Inc. will be adding new editorial content to the upcoming 2018/2019 Issue. The new content will consist of editorial articles published at the front of each Feature Profile section (food & hospitality, fashion & accessories, beauty & home design) with authoritative content related to each section.

Anthony Gismondi, the most influential wine writer in Canada, is already on board to help readers find the best of wines to drink while visiting the city.  Anthony has been wine writer for the Vancouver Sun since 1979, and also provides a massive list of wine tasting notes, interesting articles, videos and podcasts on his website  Jim Tobler, former Editor of MONTECRISTO Magazine (arguably Canada’s most luxurious magazine), has joined Urbanity as Senior Editor and will also be contributing new editorial content to Gem City Guide.  Kasey Wilson, is an award-winning food and travel writer, broadcaster and author. She is a columnist for The Vancouver Sun and regular contributor to Taste magazine. Kasey’s insider perspective on Vancouver will be both intriguing and informative for Gem City Guide readers.  Other writers already signed on to contribute include: in the fashion & accessories section Little Fashionisto, M’cKenneth, and in the food and wine section Gem City Guide’s own Curator Mark Taylor.  Other writers focused on beauty, health, home decor and other sections of the guide are in the works.

We are extremely excited for the new content additions to the Gem City Guide and expect the upcoming issue to be more compelling than ever. It will deliver an even better reader experience and help VIP and luxury visitors to Vancouver fully enjoy their stay.